Mortgage Deals Getting Better

Published / Last Updated on 19/01/2018

Independent Mortgage AdviceMortgage Deals Getting Better.

The property market is slowing down due to economic concerns and with the number of buyers and number sellers shrinking, mortgage lenders are reacting by looking to take a bigger share of a shrinking market with improved mortgage deals.

  • Starting to emerge are much more competitive remortgage rates starting from just 1.19% for a fixed rate deal and 0.99% for a first time buyer, two year discounted rate mortgage
  • Lenders are starting to offer lower deposit mortgage deals
  • Lenders lowering their application fees or offering more ‘freebies’ such as higher cash back, free surveys etc
  • Some lenders are softening their affordability assessment calculations meaning they may lend you more or offer the equivalent mortgages to people on lower incomes


Business is business.  If lenders have a stockpile of cash, from savers or indeed borrowed cheapy elsewhere e.g. other Banks or Bank of England, they do not want it sat in their reserves doing nothing.